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CO2 regulation

On Sun, 10 Sep 2000 17:25:29 -0700, Wright Huntley <huntley1 at home_com> wrote:

> The expense of buying multi-stage regulators simply is ridiculous under
> those conditions. Who needs them? They do nothing particularly useful for
> most aquarists who have to feed the fish and plants a few times during the
> month (and can see the gauge).
> <snip>
> PS. I think a good needle valve (and higher regulated pressure) in front of
> the Eheim system could be a useful thing to do. 

Wright, I want make to sure that I understand your comments here.  

Could you (and anyone else who's interested) please comment on which of
the following 2 setups is better for someone with a sintered glass diffuser?
(Let's assume the owner travels a lot, is forgetful and that the CO2 setup
will go unmonitored for long periods of time.)

Setup #1:  a single stage regulator with a high quality needle valve *OR*

Setup #2:  a dual stage regulator with no needle valve

Do both setups #1 and #2 perform equally well for day-to-day operation, 
but #2 is just needlessly expensive?  

Do both #1 and #2 perform equally well under end-of-tank conditions?  

Does #2 need a needle valve?

thanks in advance

David (B.)