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regulators and my system

In all my postings I never advocated a 2 stage but just quality regulator.
As for qualifications I am a Fluid power engineer with a degree in
mechanical engineering specialising in Hydraulics.
If this is not enough I actually worked as a valve designer for Sperry
For the last 26 years I have specialised in Guided missile system Repair and
design in Australia and had extensive training in the USA.
I would consider that a fair background to comment reliably.
The system I use is a fixed non adjustable regulator down line sensed with
an output pressure of 3 Bar metered with needle valves to my tanks. They
keep a constant 3 bubbles per second until the tank is empty.
Can't comment on the price as I made it myself except the needle valves
which were off an old missile system now no longer used by the Navy.
 The original point of my posting was that with reasonable quality
regulators set up correctly you can get a constant flow.
As for nifty fittings I just use commercially available Pneumatic fittings
available from any large supply company such as Sperry.
In fact mine is so close to the dupla system that it could almost be seen as
a copy.
From the" Land Down Under"
icq 13931687