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Re: Just overhauled my 10 gallon

Sylvia sez:
> I can't help with any of your other problems, with the exception of one 
> comment on the following:
> >  I topped it up
> >  using water from a dehumidifier.  
> I was considering using water from a dehumidifier as well, thinking it would 
> be as good as ro or distilled water. I checked in archives, and there were 
> several comments on metal toxicity (either zinc and/or copper, can't recall) 
> in water collected from a dehumidifier.

Thanks, I hadn't thought of that.  I don't intend to use dehumidifier
water on a regular basis, so the copper won't accumulate.  In fact, I
probably won't ever use it again.  I just didn't have any RO water
handy, and the dehumidifier needed to be dumped...  I only mentioned it
because the algae bloom didn't occur until I added the tap water, almost
a week later.

Best regards,