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Re: Eheim Pro Air Lock (?)

    Hello Gitte,

    I think I know the problem you brought up.  I think I know how to solve 
it.  If you have taken the lid (filter-head) off, you have to get the 
impeller area primed again before it will pump.  This is very easy if the 
intake hose is still full, and takes virtually no time at all.  Here's how I 
do it:

    -raise the output jet so that it is above the water level (so that it 
won't take in    water in next step).

    -open the output hose valve and drain the output hose into a little 
container.                            Leave this valve open.

    -insert hose valve assembly back into filter head and lock it in.

    -open the input hose valve, making sure that the output valve is also 

    Water will then not only fill cannister, but will keep moving up, filling 
impeller area and then the output hose (most of the way)

    -reposition output jet to it's normal place, and plug in the power cord.

    It should start right up.  This also works if you hadn't drained the 
cannister, but just removed the filter head for whatever reason.

    If the hoses have been emptied, then you have to get water into the input 
hose again.  I have a siphon starter (rubber bulb contraption- under ten 
dollars, mail order) that makes it easy, but any way of filling hose is fine. 
 I just attach everything together, and use siphon starter on output hose. 
Everything will fill-up pretty well.  Filter may start after that, but if 
not, I do the above method.
    It used to get pretty bothersome before I figured that out.  I hope it 

    Zach K