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munch, munch, munch...

Somebody is munching on my plants in a big way.  The beautiful big burgundy
leaves of my tiger lotus are getting quite shredded.  My compact Hygro is
completely gone, eaten to a stub.  I throw a slice of zucchini into the tank
every day or two along with all the other (mostly frozen) foods that I feed,
but I guess somebody is still hungry.  My limnophila sessiflora has been
decimated, and I find pieces of it floating on the surface almost every day.

Does anyone have any idea, which of the following could be likely culprits?

zebra loaches
amano shrimp
rummy-nose tetras
harlequin rasboras
blue rams
black skirt tetras
black mollies
dwarf neon rainbows
assorted corys