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Re: Positioning Driftwood...

Okay, now you guys really have me worried.  I have a big piece of driftwood
on a piece of slate that I put directly on the tank bottom of my 50-gal
planted tank.  Are you telling me I need to dismantle the tank and put
egg-crate between the slate and glass?  Please say no.


>I would suggest that placing the slated driftwood as deep as possible,
>however I would highly recommend that you place something between the
>glass and the slate.  Eggcrate works great and can be had at any
>hardware store.
>Placing anything heavy against the glass provides a pressure point.  Any
>small fissure in the glass surface will become and instant disaster,
>usually between midnight and 1 am or about 5 minutes after you leave on
>that 2 week vacation.