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Re: Blue-green algae

>> What is the best thing to do for blue green algae?

Blue green algae is pretty much ubiquitous.  Sometimes
it's a problem and
sometimes it's unnoticable.  Of course, you want to
latter of these cases.
Two choices are to treat it with antibiotics (and to
continue treating it
thereafter each time a problem arises, until is gains
immunity to the
antibiotic) or to provide conditions where it does not
flourish.  There
are other choices, such as treating with copper
sulfate.  Recently someone
mentioned on this list that there is a fish (a
bitterling, I think it was)
that would eat the stuff.  I haven't heard of anything
else that would eat

The "best" approach from my point of view is to
provide conditions in your
tank under which the blue green algae won't thrive. 
Fortunately, those
can be conditions under which everything else does
thrive; unfortunately,
it may require changes in your aquarium

>>Roger Miller

I agree with Roger, you must first achieve the correct
nutrient balance in your tank so 
as not to get the return of more BGA once this
outbreak is gone.  I found that my 
outbreak was due to high phosphates.  I lowered the
phosphates in my tank, but the 
BGA would not go away although it would not grow
anymore.  Next I treated with 
Maracyn, the BGA died and has not returned.


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