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RE: Blue Green Algae

I have recently had a bout of BGA in my 45 gallon tank.  I did a lot of
research regarding this specific algae.  Does your tank water smell?
Mine was horrible!  Anyway...I did about a 30% water change, making sure
I could vacuum up as much of the BGA as I could, then I used just ONE
dose of Maracyn (which is  erythromycin).  Wait one week, then do
another 30% water change and it should be gone. Do not do a water change
during the week the Maracyn is in the tank.  Remove carbon from the
filter also, if you use carbon.  I wish all the other algae in my tank
was as easy to take care of as BGA.    Do NOT daily dose the tank with
Maracyn.  ONE dose (i.e., 1 tablet per 10 gallons of water) should be
sufficient.  I saw no harm to biological filter.