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Re" CO2 Regulation, Bombast and Shame

<<The amount of misinformation in the paragraph above is shameful......While, 
as I point out, a dual stage (not gauge) regulator will avoid the problem, 
they are not $65. A $20 needle valve is totally inadequate to the task of 
providing the  ultra-low flow rates we want, the valves suitable for this 
function are  quite a bit more expensive.  But the writer is correct that a 
valve helps...... Most economically priced regulators dump gas at 
end-of-tank, including ones  made by the honorable Germans, Cornelius...... 
If you want to get the total skinny on what is going on, reread my diatribe. 

I'm really coming to the point of believing this CO2 stuff is Rocket Science. 
Look Beer Taps, soda machines, welding tanks, gas tanks in hospitals don't 
explode in use. well most don't anyway. Perhaps none do. I rather suspect 
that if a beer tap exploded at Ye Olde Pub cum Sports Bar we would all have 
heard about it, well most of us anyway. And I am sure that the regulators 
used pretty much span the  spectrum regarding price.

It seems that if a poster does not craft a perfect paragraph, providing ALL 
and I mean all suitable qualifications, and account for all conceivable 
conditions and circumstance regardless how unlikely, some *expert* here is 
going to pop up and slam the poster.

This is unworthy of the list, is immature behavior, is certainly not helpful 
to anyone, and should stop. I feel like an ass posting to this list because I 
KNOW that, if someone responds, it will likely be with the tone that *You 
don't know what the hell you are saying, so shut the F up -- implied rather 
than explicit.  I did not know that aquatic plants could generate such 
hostility ... bring out the worst in people. Frankly when someone  who is 
involved in marketing a particular type of system  starts slamming others who 
do not  happen to agree with him........well I think his comments need to be 
placed in perspective and given due weight regarding vested interests.  I'm 
not saying he's right. I'm not saying he's wrong.

I'm expecting some expert to respond to my previous post **Well just because 
the gauge is calibrated  0 - 250 Bars (0- 3000 plus PSI) does not mean that 
it is a high pressure gauge. I mean it may be but, it could be a scam. ** 
True. But if so then logic could also state, regardless of the opinions 
stated as fact by the  self-proclaimed, non professionally qualified in  
welding or medical gasses,  that a *two gauge rather than a  *two phase* 
regulator will dump a tank whereas the two phases will not.

People here have suggested  rather obliquely that this welding professional I 
consulted does not know what the hell he's talking about. I guess that's 
because he has grease under his fingernails. He certainly is qualified though 
regarding  regulators, whether they be one, two or ten stage.  The bottom 
line?  But a regulator on the rancor please, and try to live up to the spirit 
of the list by genuinely trying to assist others with a  stuck regulator 
stuck in some unseemly body part!

It seems that a few here, really enjoys talking to each other. It's a real 
mutual admiration society. No one knows as much as they, and should someone 
post an alternate view they get trashed. Someone said earlier and I 
paraphrase ** well you have to understand, they have been here from the 
outset. They are sort of plank owners. It's their right. ** Wrong.  

What reaction will this post generate?  *Well you don't have to subscribe to 
this list if that's the way you feel. * Heh. Anyone wanna buy a 120 gallon 
tank, Eheim 2228, a CO2 system that does not dump and three PC strip lights 
that, because I did not buy retro kits from AH Supply are obviously 
inadequate? I'll throw in the home made cabinet free. I'm in Annapolis 

David Napierkowski