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distinguishing green water from new tank syndrome


Is there a sure-fire way to distinguish green water from new tank

My tank is about eight weeks old and the water is lightly cloudy.
Because there is a lot of light (6 55w CFs over 125 gallons) it could be
green water, but the tank could also still be cycling. However, ammonia,
nitrates and nitrites all test at zero, and the fish load is next to
nothing (3 neons, 4 rasboras, 1 chinese algae eater, 1 green tiger
barb). The plants, mainly big swords, are doing fine. After a 90% water
change, the tank will be back to cloudy within 24 hours.

While I realize that green water is usually *green*, I've read that it
can also manifest itself as just a light, milky cloudiness.

Thanks for any help. E-mail most welcome.

amyh at atl_mediaone.net