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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #527

> Thanks for the info! I am also thinking about using a crontroller. If I
> might ask, how come you added controllers? If you had it to do again
> would you still add controllers? What brand of controller are you using
> and would you recommend them?
> Anyone else out there with anything info good, bad or indifferent on
> CO2/pH controllers???

I have used CO2 controllers for years and have found that as soon as
I was able to keep the pH stable, I got an increase in plant growth and
also found that my occational fish die off dropped off as well. I am able
to control pH to within +-0.1 pH. This I datalogg and plot every week.

My logging function doesnt allow much more than that and allows me to
also look at other water parameters in the tank such as dissolved oxygen,
temperature and redox. Interestingly, and maybe someone could comment
on this, is that I find that in heavilly planted tanks, when the DO (dissolved
oxygen) increases (this happens about half an hour after the lights get
turned on) the redox value drops. On commercial aquaculture (fish only)
systems, I always see the opposite - ie the redox value goes up when the
DO goes up and they seem to track each other loosely - plant tanks do
not seem to do this. (this excludes changes caused by water changes -
filter cleaning etc)

Marque Crozman