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re: Moving Planted tank to new house

Randy said:

Can anyone give me some advice as in what is the best way to move
a very heavily planted tank half way across town.
my tank is a 60 GAL. tank 3 SAE. 6 Otocinclus, 6 panda cory's
and so many plants you almost cant see the bottom.
My biggest concern is the fern's growing on the driftwood.

I recently moved a 48 gallon tank that was heavily planted.  I was only
moving across town.  I used my python to siphon about 1/2 of the water into
large sterilized plastic garbage pails.  I then decided that it was best to
take the plants out in order to get at the fish, so I stored all plants,
rocks and driftwood inside the garbage pails to preserve the bacteria and
plant health.  I then caught all of my fish and placed them in another of
the plastic garbage pails.

When I got to the new place, I replanted all the plants after having put in
1/2 of the water from the pails and then pouring in the rest of the
conserved water.  I then used my python to top the tank up from the tap
(using conditioner of course!).  I then put the fish in.  I didn't lose a
single one!

Grant Miller
grantmiller at home_com