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CO2 Regulators and Exploding Beer Taps

<< Yes, right here...I sell them too..looks like low pressure, made in germany
 to me. Of course it can fit on any size cylinder..that makes no differnce to
 high or low pressure. Thank goodness it comes with a USA fitting, not a
 German one.  >>

I guess I am going to need a definition of what High Pressure is then. The 
regulator I have -- just looked at it -- the main gauge is calibrated 0-250 
(0-3500 PSI using 14 PSI estimate at sealevel) Bar with a red line at 160 
(1610 PSI. In another post I mentioned the pressure out of the bottle is 60 
Bar as stated in the instructions. I guess you mean comes equipped with US 
and not metric threads common throughout the rest of the world?

Either that or I don't know how to read a gauge, or I am too literal and 
trusting. What difference does the country of manufacture have in the quality 
of a gauge other than the fact that German hardware is rather well known for 
rather high quality workmanship and German made machine tools particularly 
well so? (Zeiss, Schnieder, Porsce, MTU etc)

Wondering at what all the fuss is about and why there are no exploding beer 
taps at bars I used to frequent.