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Re: A&H lighting for the big tanks

Thomas Barr wrote:

>I recently got and have installed a 8 x 96 watt set from A&H
>supply for a large tank. I found the service, instructions,
>quality and cost exceptional, period. There are no companies
>that make prebuilt hoods in this range.
>For additions to a custom hood, the kits they sell are without
>equal. If you have a bulky wood hood etc or an acrylic hood and
>are thinking of upgrading, this is the best deal you can do.
>They can be crammmed into very small spaces and added to about
>any application you can come up with.
>I have over 3 years on the same bulbs they sell with great color
>and plant growth so they more than pay for themsleves on
>efficiency, lamp replacement cost and can pentrate deep water
>effectively. I will certainly use the A&H in many future
>endeavors. Now if they can make a nice MH
>kit(70-100-175-250w)and a pendant also, I will be totally

I looked up their web site (http://ahsupply.com/index.html), and it looks,
just as Tom says, like a good deal.  I am also about to try another
alternative, a 65 watt compact fluorescent that comes as a unit with a very
good looking built in reflector for lighting the outside of your house.  I
got it at Home Depot for $29.00.  I plan to set it on a tank and put a box
over it.  The manufacturer, Lights of America (if I recall correctly) says
it puts out 6,800 lumens.  That's a real ghetto blaster of a light.

Paul Krombholz, in bone dry central Mississippi