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Re: CO2 regulators

Aquatic Plants Digest 9/8/00 3:48 PM Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com
>I use a Blueline (Champion Lighting house brand) and a Knop CO2 regulator.  
>They are two gauge, meaning they have a tank pressure gauge and a step down 
>pressure gauge, which I generally keep adjusted to 5 psi or so. 
>When my tanks were initially set up I injected CO2 at the described bubble 
>rate continuously for 2-3 months and never lost a fish because there was too 
>much CO2 in the water. The controllers were added later.

Thanks for the info! I am also thinking about using a crontroller. If I 
might ask, how come you added controllers? If you had it to do again 
would you still add controllers? What brand of controller are you using 
and would you recommend them?

Anyone else out there with anything info good, bad or indifferent on 
CO2/pH controllers???

William Beckerman
Cornelius, NC