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reliable CO2 regulators.

It seems from the response I received in personal email's that people are
confused with regulators.
The simplest way to start with CO2 is simply just buy a Dupla CO2 station.
Reliable and ready to go.
Another good alternative is to go to a gas supply house and buy a regulator
capable of delivering an output pressure of approx 2 psi and a needle valve
for metering the flow.
This system will not give you any trouble as the bottle empties and will
provide constant output for the entire bottle.
just think of it as a beer gas system LOL
I Myself use this system with a single regulator and 26 needle valves and
only touch it when the bottles runs out to refill it.
Could you imagine the problems if every time a CO2 bottle in a bar got low
the beer flew out the tap. These regulators are totally reliable to the last
drop of gas.
My $$$$'s worth
From the" Land Down Under"
icq 13931687