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Java fern and anubias for trade

I just performed a major cleanout on my wildly overgrown tank, so I've got anubias and java fern available for trade.  The java fern is absolutely huge (1' x 1' x 6" clump), and the anubias is pretty big too.  If desired, I can throw in water sprite, riccia, and/or duckweed.  I could even throw in a small piece of java fern 'windelov', now that that has taken off in my tank.

Please be warned that these plants are contaminated with algae (BGA for sure, maybe more), duckweed, riccia, and possibly utricularia.

I'd be most interested in taller non-stem plants (tall crypts, vals, aponogeton) but these plants have got to go somewhere so make me an offer.

David Ozenne
Fremont, CA

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