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Some Carbo-Plus answers

Thank you, everyone, for your responses (both on-list and off-list) to my questions and comments about Carbo-Plus.  Thanks to your input, I'm now leaning in favor of a compressed gas system for my next tank.

I've read nearly all the information on CO2 under http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/, and in a number of other sources, but I still find all the talk of regulators and pressure and stages somewhat bewildering.  I had a look at www.boc.com (as suggested by James), but the number and complexity of the options set my head spinning.

A whisper in the ears of all you retailers and inventors out there:  

There must be a market for compressed CO2 systems that "just work, period".  I know that I'm willing to pay extra for an extremely reliable, highly automated, well-researched product.  When I make this next purchase, I'll want someone (or some brochure) to explain to me what the device's possible failure modes are, and then to reassure me by saying that I'm more likely to get struck by lightning than to have any of these problems.  Further, in the unlikely event of a failure, the device should still fail gracefully, even with a complete idiot like me operating it.  It's okay for the CO2 to stop bubbling out, but it's not okay, ever, for it to kill my fish.

Am I dreaming?