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Re: sponge filter on out let of Eheim 2226

Recently someone sent in a post that said, I believe it was Jody from Ellicot 
City, MD, that she puts a sponge filter on the outlet of her Eheim 2226 to 
keep the water sparkling clear.  I have never heard of that before, can 
anyone tell me how to do it?  And how does it keep the water clear if it is 
on the OUTLET of the 2226 instead of on the inlet?  Why do you put it there 
instead of on the inlet?  And do you have to rinse the sponge filter 
periodically in order to keep it clean?  Any more details that any of you 
could give me in helping me to find out more about this would be greatly 
appreciated.  Thanks.

                                            Sincerely yours,