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RE: Has anyone used this fertilizer?

Thank you all who have responded (both on the list and off) about my
fertilizer question. Now, I have another (sort of related) question. What is
the definition of a light fish load? My 20 gallon aquarium has 3 glass
catfish and 1 spotted pictus catfish (the tank is planted about medium
density; not packed with plants such as the aquaria of Chuck Gadd, George
Booth, Tom Barr, and others). There is also a slight algae problem at the
moment. So what fish load is this? Is it light? Or medium? I doubt that this
many fish would be considered a full load in a tank of this size. I would
appreciate any advice on this question, as I need to determine whether the
Plant Gro fertilizer would be OK for my aquarium, or if I should wait and
order some Flourish fertilizer instead.

Thanks in advance,

Josh Liechty
jliechty at custom dot net