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Re: CO2 Regulators

>>I've just checked both Bioplast's Home
Page as well as Arizona Aquatic Gardens web site (they sell Bioplast
products. I can see nothing on either web site to indicate that Bioplast
makes a Two Stage Regulator - I would venture to guess that it is a Single
Stage regulator with two guages (one measures the CO2 in the bottle, the
other measures the pressure of the ouput gas)<<

Correcto mundo. I presume you are reffering to the Profistar, made by
Bioplast, which is exactly as you describe. The CO2 starter kit from
Bioplast is also a dual guage but for little tiny CO2 cyclinders that last
about a month and which can be adapted for normal cylinders.

>>no distributor of hobby grade regulators sells a Two Stage
Regulator - they are usually Single Stage Regulators with two guages.<<

They are also usually low pressure. Companies that sell regulators for this
hobby that dont make their own usually get industrial high pressure. Not so
hot with a needle valve, but very reliable...just use good hose clamps.

Robert Paul H