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Re: Some Carbo-Plus answers

Jody, if you're reading this, what do you think of your Carbo-Plus system

Well David, I wish I could say I was as happy as Merrill is.  From my
experience, I would say she is lucky.  I deal with a big aquarium store in
this area  (The Aquarium Center in Randallstown), and they had the same
trouble as I did after replacing the carbon block the unit wouldn't work
properly.  I had to replace the entire bracket that holds the block, and I
wasn't crazy about that.  I still have mine, but use it as a back up to a
gas system.  (In case I run out over a holiday or something like that)  It
seems to work better in areas with hard water from what I've been able to
tell from talking to some people.  I have a KH of 3 out of the tap, and I
wasn't crazy about having it go to 2 from the carbo-plus.  It seemed to
level out and not be as effective after 3 months in my tank, (could be my
prejudice) and it never decreased the pH below 7.0-7.2, which wasn't low
enough for my situation.  (Fish breeding, ect.).  I have recommended it in
tanks that are 50 gallon and less, but I am no expert and am speaking from
my experience only.  Feel free to email me with any further questions or
comments.   Good Luck!!

Ellicott City, MD