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Re: CO2 regulator

I wrote:
>hahahhahaha! I can imagine that some people must be frothing at the mouth -
>maybe this person is right, I don't know. But I've never been sorry for
>spending money for high quality components.

Lyndle Schenck responded:
hahahhahaha! I am right James. You obviously have a computer.  Check out the
web site yourself.  I have done the research or I would have said "I think
they would work".  Not only do they work, regulating CO2 is what they are
designed and marketed to do.  I have looked at a lot of the commercially
available ones and some of the better models use the exact regulator I

Lyndle, I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong. I am coming at this from
the perspecitive of someone who, until relatively recently was scared
witless by compressed gas - I was sure that it would blow up in my face (and
I'm sure that I'm not the only person who was initially rather nervous about
dealing with a bottle of a highly compressed gas). I did not, and do not,
have the self assurance in this area to be able to waltz into a discount
store and pick out a regulator by price alone - I wouldn't know what to look
for. Even shopping thru a web site for this sort of stuff scared me.

I posted the info and the details from both BOC and Air Products for the
benefit of the countless (silent, as per usual) others who are as nervous
around this sort of thing as I am. I'm willing to pay for the peace of mind
that both BOC and Air Products gave me when I talked to their reps. They are
not necessarily familiar with the use of CO2 in aquariums, but they DO know
CO2 and regulators. I rather doubt that they would knowingly sell something
which was not suitable for use with CO2, if the customer explains what they

"I don't understand why I see a lot of posts from people that are trying to
modify expensive specialty regulators to work on CO2 when CO2 regulators are
so readily available.  I too prefer to purchase high quality components but
you do not gain any advantage by modifying a regulator designed for
something else."

Please see my comments above. The regulators I discussed were recommended as
being perfectly suitable for use with CO2 - they are not adapted from
another purpose. The only "specialty regulators" that seem to get
occassionally mentioned here seem to be people trying to adapt a regulator
intended for Oxygen or Argon or some other gas that they found in a discount
bin. Again, I'm not knowledgable enough to be able to pick out something
from a discount store - I wouldn't know where to begin. Obviously, you are,
but there are lots of us who aren't.

Too often, when dealing with hi-tech equipment discussions, those "in the
know" tend to just rattle off a quick answer such as "Go to Graingers..." or
"Go to you local Home Depot and pick up (insert any onf a number of
items)..." . For someone who is not comfortable dealing with electrical
wiring or compressed gas equipment, anwers such as that are next to useless.
Some people need a bit more of an explanations as to why certain things are
recommended than a price range or ceiling.

Just telling the list in general that a CO2 regulator should not cost more
than $60.00 doesn't do much to explain to someone who doesn't have your
knowledge and/or comfort level with this sort of thing what they should be
looking for.

James Purchase