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Re: CO2 Regulators

<< Without the controller or some other solution, the best thing to do would
be to refill the tank before it gets to the dumping stage. Leaving some
margin for error would be wise, I think. >>

< I'm no expert unlike others here <g> but, would not a two -- stage
such as the one that comes with the Bioplast CO2 system fit the bill here?
Essentially it SEEMS to have two regulators. >

I think that you might be confusing a Single Stage Regulator with two guages
with a genuine Two Stage Regulator. I've just checked both Bioplast's Home
Page as well as Arizona Aquatic Gardens web site (they sell Bioplast
products. I can see nothing on either web site to indicate that Bioplast
makes a Two Stage Regulator - I would venture to guess that it is a Single
Stage regulator with two guages (one measures the CO2 in the bottle, the
other measures the pressure of the ouput gas). As the CO2 inside your
compressed gas cylinder is used up, the pressure inside the cylinder remains
pretty constant but it does fall (see the graphs on the BOC web site I
discussed earlier). As it falls, the output pressure will also vary and in a
manual system you would have to adjust it to maintain a contant output of

A Two Stage Regulator is a different kettle of fish. It is designed to
maintain practically a constant output pressure (or flow) of gas regardless
of how much (or how little) CO2 remains in the cylinder. No fiddling.

Again, refer to the graphs and descriptions on the BOC and Air Products web
sites. AFAIK, no distributor of hobby grade regulators sells a Two Stage
Regulator - they are usually Single Stage Regulators with two guages.

This isn't to say that a quality Single Stage regulator coupled to a quality
Needle Valve won't serve our needs. Not everyone needs (nor can afford) the
luxury route. This is a hobby and fiddling is part of the fun.

>A CO2 regulator should not cost over $60, and that's with two gauges.
Prices in the latest Rapids catalog range
>from $41.25 to $59.95.  Try www.4rapids.com

hahahhahaha! I can imagine that some people must be frothing at the mouth -
maybe this person is right, I don't know. But I've never been sorry for
spending money for high quality components.

James Purchase