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Anti Dump CO2 Rewgulator

<< Without the controller or some other solution, the best thing to do would 
be to refill the tank before it gets to the dumping stage. Leaving some 
margin for error would be wise, I think. >>

I'm no expert unlike others here <g> but, would not a two -- stage regulator 
such as the one that comes with the Bioplast CO2 system fit the bill here?  
Essentially it SEEMS to have two regulators. You crank the main cylinder 
valve and the main regulator gauge goes up to 60 bars. meanwhile you have the 
second regulator all the open. (IF you don't you may blow the valve) and 
slowly adjust it to 1.3 bars which is your working pressure. Then you adjust 
the needle valve to control the bubble output.  It would SEEM to me that 
should the tank *DUMP* when it's near empty that the excess pressure would be 
controlled and contained.  But, why let the tank go empty in the first 
instance?  Weight it when full with the regulator and hoses attached. Put a 
piece of tape on the tank and write that number on it. Weigh the tank 
periodically and when it approaches say 4 pounds or less (for a five pound 
tank) shut it down and get a refill or replacement tank.

Or am I missing something here as usual?