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Re: Hobbie industry vs. the environment


In particular, read Jim Lawson's superb introduction. This is where the
hobby/conservation interface works best for many of us.>>

I enjoyed reading that introduction and learning of the efforts being set
forth to preserve Native American Desert Killiefish by Wright Huntley's
organization.  The work is indeed quite impressive!   I'm curious to know
what types of conditions the fish are kept under in captivity and what
efforts are being made to preserve the vigor of some of these species.  

What kind of DAMNbusia traps do you chaps use?  They seem to be very
effective from the Ash Spring 1999 trip results.  I get lots of requests
from folks who realize what a plage this fish is and want it safely removed
from their ponds.

Is your organization working toward (state) setting aside sensitive haditat
areas for the desert killie species?  How do you chaps get funding?  Do you
encourage sponsorship of your trips?

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