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Doug wrote:  " When my Mayaca is really cranking well the new growth is
white which greens up as it ages.  I've never thought it a problem since it
far and away is the fastest growing thing in any of my tanks (actually,
duckweed *might* have it beat, but I'm not sure)."

I would be willing to hazard a guess that this situation calls for
additional micronutrients.  That has been the case under very soft water
conditions here in Northern California.  None of us caught this (for years
actually) because our plants greened up eventually and we never really
noticed a problem.  Claus Christensen visited here earlier in the year and
judged every tank he looked at to be short of micronutrients.  Most of us
increased our dosing of micronutrients and noticed improved growth and
vitality right away.  

Regards, Steve Dixon in San Francisco (where it's finally summer)