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Re: Carbo-Plus


Maybe my reply to Bob Dixon will answer more questions and save me some

It's convenient; I don't want a large CO2 canister in my living room;
it's attractive; gives off a beautiful mist; it can be placed anywhere
in my attractive aquarium -- so, I like it.  I really don't care if the
hobbyist wants to play with all the gauges, CO2 lines, diffusers, and
the problems that go with the gas.  I like it and I'm just reporting to
the APD about my success with Carbo-Plus.

My reply to Bob is below:

I have never tried what you asked, but my tap water runs 12 GDH with a
pH of 8.0 and my aquarium runs steadily at 6 GDH.  My pH stays at 6.8
and I don't do regular water changes -- maybe 10% once a month.  I'm
running the unit at a very low level which is controllable.  There's
only two pieces -- the controller and the part that goes in the

I really don't care if any of the hobbyists buy it; it's just so easy to
use -- drop the carbon/stainless steel unit in the aquarium; plug it in
the electrical outlet and adjust the beautiful mist that the internal
unit puts out.

My "gut feeling" is that it will do what you wish within a couple of
weeks or sooner, but I wouldn't sign a paper saying that it would as I
have never tried what you desire.  It definitely will soften water! 
That is the "plus" in the name.

End of reply  to Bob.....

Merrill Cohen
Pikesville, MD