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Black Flourite news (was: Layering Flourite with other substrate materials (apd v4 #522))

"James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>, responding to Paul Mouritsen
> I would like to see Seachem introduce a couple of different "grades" of
> Flourite (i.e. one with a larger particle size and another one with a
> smaller particle size, along the lines of the ADA Aquasoil line or Seachem's
> own Onyx Sand and Onyx Gravel). Having a range of particle sizes available
> in the "natural" Flourite colors could allow for more leeway and variety in
> outfitting tanks of different sizes and substrate depths, and add variety
> within an aquascape in a larger tank. (Hope that Greg M. reads this........
> hint, hint......)

   Anyone have any news regarding the pending introduction of black

Alex Ling
Rockville, Md