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Re: Carbo-Plus vs. compressed gas

Dave Gomberg <gomberg at wcf_com> wrote:

> The secret to reliable compressed gas is to:
> 1.  Keep an eye on tank weight   OR
> 2.  Keep an eye on tank pressure (both to avoid running out)    OR
> 3.  Get a regulator that does not dump when the tank empties  (I am working 
> on trying to find these)   OR
> 4.  Include a simple pressure relief device in your system  OR
> 5.  Run an open-top aquarium.
> Any one of those solutions will do.


I thought of another way of avoiding the gas dump. Or, better said, avoid its
ill effects on the fish. This only applies to sump-based systems. The idea is 
to place the diffuser in the sump. The diffuser could be placed near the 
return pump intake, such that, when it is working under normal conditions, 
the tiny bubbles are sucked by the pump. If there is a suden release of gas, 
most of it will bubble out of the sump and doesn't get sucked into the main
tank. Does this makes sense ?

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD