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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #521

Kevin Zippel wrote:

>......Yikes.  Recall the last bout of replies after my last post on this topic.
>The Walstad (no change for 6 months) fans emerged en force; one chap hadn't
>done a water change in 2.5  and another for 3 years!  [c'mon Krombholz and
>Gomberg, you still there?]  They are out there, they are numerous, and if
>their techniques work for them, well bless their little hearts.  I am green
>with envy.  I am not trying to make everyone do things my way (most folks
>don't need to), just to put numbers on long-held assumptions.............

I'm here.  Am I needed to defend my practice of not doing any water
changes, just topping off with rain water for a year or two?  Hey, it works
for me.  I eventually make a big water change, about 80 percent, just
because I worry that things might go bad, not because things are going bad.
With the big water change I add KCl, MgSO4, micronutrients, and a bit of
lime or ground limestone, and the fish and plants do fine.

Paul Krombholz, in bone dry central Mississippi