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Re: How do you mount your lights over tank?

 Roger Oconik wrote:
> Those of you who have fluorescent lights, how do you mount your lights. 
> Are they hooked to the hood so that the lights lift up with the hood when
> it is raised or are they placed over the glass so the hood lifts up
> separately.  I'm trying to figure out the pros and cons of each way.  Does
> either lead to more or less light actually getting into the tank.

I started out with the lights mounted to the lid, but it was very 
heavy and awkward, the light shone directly in my eyes when the 
lid was up, and the lights sometimes fell out of the mounting 
brackets. I switched to resting them on a ledge inside the canopy. 
The bulbs are in individual endcaps with remote ballasts, so I can 
pick up one or two bulbs and sit them on top of the other two when 
I want to reach into the tank (the entire lid lifts off and is set aside). 
After 15 years, I have not found a method I like better.

Cathy Hartland
Middletown, MD