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Re: Has anyone used this fertilizer?

I used this when I was in a hurry to get some N-P in the tank during a period 
of high growth, apparently not enough fish, and high co2. My tank was running 
0 on nitrates and 0 on phosphates, and the plants looked they could use some. 
I didn't have time to futz together and mix of a batch of homemade stuff, so 
I picked this up and used it for a while. I can't tell you how much n-p it 
actually added to the water though. The concentrations are very low. At the 
time, I was really busy and couldn't really test and monitor. Fortunately the 
plants perked up and it worked for me. I don't know if I'd use it if I had a 
problem with nitrates or phosphates, or algae.

Flourish has more nutrients and less n-p. 


>  I was at the LFS a few days ago and saw this fertilizer called "Plant Gro"
>  (made by Hagen). On the label, it lists the things it contains:
>  Nitrogen    0.3%
>  Phosphorus  0.08%
>  Potassium   0.8%
>  Magnesium   0.006%
>  Sulfer     0.011%
>  Iron        0.0048%
>  Has anyone used this fertilizer with good and/or bad results? And what do
>  you think of the percentages of the various nutrients it provides? Should I
>  just order Seachem's Flourish and Flourish Iron fertilizers instead of 
>  (I would prefer to use a fertilizer that I can get at the LFS instead of 
>  that I have to place a mail order for each time I need a new bottle). BTW,
>  what do you think of Tetra's "Flora Pride" fertilizer?
>  Thanks,
>  Josh Liechty
>  jliechty at custom dot net