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Re: aponogeton ulvaceous

Answering my own question, and maybe help Mike out--I just started co2 
injection on this tank. Coincidentally, the leaves that have started to grow 
since, are standing up! (and I didn't use the floss method ;-) )

Mike, are you running CO2 on your tank?


> I also have an a. ulvaceous, from AAG. Mine is also growing horizontal, 
>  the leaves are laying flat. But I've never heard that leaves will grow 
>  horizontal when there is low light. I also had reddish tones striping the 
>  leaves. I'd love to know how to get those leaves to stand up, it's growing 
>  great, and it would look awesome.
>  Sylvia

Mike wrote:
>  > <<  First the question, then some background.  What might cause 
>  >  ulvaceous to stay more horizontal instead of vertical?
>  >     >>