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Compact Fluorescent or Power Compact/ AH Retrofit Kits


I have 2 qestions:

1. I'm confused.  What is the difference between compact fluorescent and Power compacts or are they the same thing?

2.  I'm interested in Aquarium Hobbyist Supply Retrofit kits.  But I'm concerned that you don't get as much choices (color, etc.) with these type bulbs as you do with regular T12's.  What I personally try for is a nice look of the tank with nice deep green colors.  I have found that with mixing different types of T12's.  This is more important to me than brightness and intensity although I'm looking for that.  Anyone with the AH kit care to share how the bulbs make the plants look.  I don't want a bleached out look to the tank, but am interested in their product.  I'm not going for high growth tank just medium.

Thanks everyone


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