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Carbo-Plus vs. compressed gas

First I should disclose my bias, I sell compressed gas systems.   I do that 
because they are cheaper and very reliable.

Second, compressed gas is way cheaper.

At 03:48 PM 9/5/00 -0400, you wrote:
>If so, how big is too big for Carbo-Plus to be economically viable?  50 
>gal.?  100 gal?  200 gal.?
>FYI: A quick on-line search shows replacement "Carbon Blocks" for sale at 
>$45 apiece and the whole "Carbo-Plus CO2 System" at $279.

A compressed gas system costs $240 or less, much less if you get a good 
deal on your first tank.  While you can figure on about $90-180 per year to 
operate your Carbo-plus (plus electricity), a compressed gas system costs 
more like $1-2 per year to operate.   Maybe $4 for your 200 gallon tank.

The secret to reliable compressed gas is to:

1.  Keep an eye on tank weight   OR
2.  Keep an eye on tank pressure (both to avoid running out)    OR
3.  Get a regulator that does not dump when the tank empties  (I am working 
on trying to find these)   OR
4.  Include a simple pressure relief device in your system  OR
5.  Run an open-top aquarium.

Any one of those solutions will do.

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