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Re: Has anyone used this fertlizer?

> Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 14:26:20 -0500
> From: "Josh Liechty" <jliechty at custom_net>
> Subject: Has anyone used this fertilizer?
> I was at the LFS a few days ago and saw this fertilizer called "Plant Gro"
> (made by Hagen). On the label, it lists the things it contains:
> Nitrogen    0.3%
> Phosphorus  0.08%
> Potassium   0.8%
> Magnesium   0.006%
> Sulfer     0.011%
> Iron        0.0048%
> Has anyone used this fertilizer with good and/or bad results? 

	I've used it in two tanks. I haven't fertilized one of them
in quite a while, but the other I just added some this weekend. I
do have a bit of a green water problem in that tank, but that's as
much due to it being a new tank (less than two months old) than
any fertilizer. The plants seem to like it -- I added the latest dose
because, even with DIY CO2 and 80W of light on a 29G tank, the
plants didn't seem to be doing much. Over the next couple days, I noticed
pearling and fresh growth.

	I'm using "Plant Gro" as a stop-gap until I can get all
of the ingredients for PMDD together. Even if it's not perfect, at least
Hagen put the contents on the label.

	One thing I've just thought of, and you might want to try,
is to spread the recommended dose through the week, instead of
adding it all at once. For example, for my 29G, I should add a
capful every other day, instead of three every seven days.

						crawford at iac_net