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Potassium Gluconate Caplets

APD readers:

I was curious how potassium gluconate caplets for human dietary
supplement would work as part of a PMDD for my ten gallon planted tank.
The ones I have contain 99 mg of potassium gluconate per caplet.  

The pills also contain Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Hydroxypropl
Methylcellulose, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose and Polyethylene Glycol
(wow...I sure hope I spelled all that correctly.)

If they would work...what should be my concerns (if any), how many, how
often, do I push them into the substrate and if no, do I just "plop" the
into the tank? 

Also I purchased some Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate, MgSO4) to include
in my PMDD.  What would be a dosage evel for this tank??  

All I can afford right now is my pH test kit, so I can't monitor any
nutrient levels. Plant growth is steady but not rapid, a few leaves on
my java fern have transparent tips...they are new to my tank (about a
week or so old).  I have green thread algae but it is slowing way down
to a controlable level!

Current tank conditions (yesterday):
-pH at 8 a.m. was 7.4,
-pH at 5 p.m was 6.8,
-yeast CO2 with home-made bell diffuser    (For me I have found that
this works so     much better then injecting into filter!!)
-Fluval 1 internal filter placed "deep", no     surface movement at all!
-temperature is at 74 degrees, no heater
-20 watt compact fluorescent 2" above         water level, 11 hours per
-pond snails (many!)
-2 otocinclus affins, one gold tetra (lost 3    to old age:(. Want to
get some dwarf         gourami's soon.
-sagittaria, hygrophila polysperma (love      this plant!), hygrophila
difformis, java         fern, java moss and  green hair
-gravel bottom with home-made clay          balls, jobe's spikes and
plant tabs plus       iron (0-0-3).

I appreciate all your feedback.

Sean Meister in Missoula, Montana