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Triton Won't Start When Timer Comes On

I recently rewired my double tube 36 inch perfecto
fixture with a Sylvania System 32IS electronic ballast
to run two Zoomed bulbs (VERY bright).  I have another
single 36 inch fixture in front that is very old and
has its second magnetic ballast in it.  It has the old
style turn switch instead of the newer push button.  

I did have a Triton tube in the doouble fixture, but I
have moved it up front.  The only problem is, it
doesn't come on along with the back fixture when the
timer comes on in the morning.  I suppose I could
easily wire in one of the ballasts I took out of the
double, but I'm wondering if the turn style switch has
something to do with it.  Your feedback is welcomed.

One other question.  The double fixture has an inside
covering of mylar and sits directly on the glass. 
Will the bulbs run cool enough to be the most
effective they can be?

I would still like some micro tenellus.  Will trade. 
Thank you.

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