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Re: Lead, an Important Nutrient

On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, Jared wrote:
> I suspect the "lead" is a translation error. While we are on the subject of
> essential nutrients, I found it curious that Flourish liquid was one of the
> only fertilizers to contain (or at least declare) Nickel, needed for the
> enzyme urease. It's one of the 17 nutrients listed, for example, in Diana
> Walstad's book. I was curious about some of the other elements present in
> very small amounts in Flourish: 

Actually, some sources only list 16 essential nutrients; compared to the
list in Diana's book they exclude nickle.  Other elements may play
non-essential roles, or may by their presence make an essential element
biologically available.

> Tin
> Vanadium
> Rubidium
> Iodine
> Bromine

I have never read of any essential or non-essential role for any of these
> Why then are these not mentioned in our aquatic-plant references if they
> are physiological requirements? Are any, like boron, specific for aquatic
> (and not terrestial) plants?

Boron is required by terrestrial plants as well as by aquatic plants.  I
would be interested in hearing what role Seachem postulated for the
elements you list above.

Roger Miller