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Leaf color of African Tiger Lotus

A couple of months ago, I bought an African Tiger Lotus.  Soon after I
bought it, it started producing floating leaves.  I was planning to
remove these daily before they hit the surface in order to train it to
produce submersed leaves.  However, I let a few get to the surface before
I got around to pinching them off.  I also cleared away the floating
plants that were shading it.  It immediately reverted to producing
submersed leaves. The first one was a nice red color, but all the rest
have been green.  Thinking more light would help it to produce red
leaves, I moved it a few inches to where it could get even more light. 
But instead, all the leaf stems moved to a horizontal position.  The two
new leaves it is just now producing are also green.  The red leaf is
looking greener now, too.  Can anyone tell me how to encourage this plant
to produce red leaves?  This plant is in a 20 gallon high tank.  There
are 3 fluorescent lights totalling 55 watts.  They are probably getting a
little old.

Thanks. Jim N
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