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Filtration for 10 gallon. (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2000 14:53:04 -0400
From:osullivan at ameritech_net
Subject: Filtration for 10 gallon.

Hello all,
    I'm curious if anyone knows a good canister filter for use on a 10 gallon?  I'm
leaning strongly toward the Eheim that pumps approx. 116 gph but that seems like it
might be a bit strong for a 10 gallon planted aquarium.  Amano writes about using a
canister setup that uses something called a Lily-Pipe which are outflow/inflow tubes
made of clear glass.  Looks like the perfect setup for a small tank but I'l be
@#$*ed if I can figure out where to pick one up; or even what the brand name is.
Can anyone enlighten me or recommend a similar system?
Pat O'Sullivan
Livonia, Michigan.