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Re: Carbo-plus

Paul Sears writes:

<<     It _may_ effect the following reaction in hard water:

    Ca++  +  2HCO3-   ->   CaCO3  +  H2O  +  CO2

    That _is_ consistent with Merrill's observations e-mailed
to me in late 1998.

That asumes Bicarbonates.  If indeed it did affect hardness like this, it 
would handy for people trying to soften their tanks, and the resultant drop 
in KH would be measureable by someone who has used the thing for more than a 
month, even with regular partial water changes.  But what about pure 
carbonate solutes like Ca(CO3)2?  Would we get?:

           2 Ca++   +   2 CO3   ----> 2Ca  + O2 + 2CO2

This could be handy, and I would buy it for sure if that is how it works.  I 
would drop it in a barrel of water and after GH and KH drop far enough I 
would use the purified water for my apistos and angels, and maybe even start 
keeping discus.

Someone let me know if this is what's happening.  It may be slower than 
De-ionizing but cheaper in the end.

Bob Dixon
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