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Re: NEW Eheim Professional II Series canister filters

Hello everyone.  I was just reading the other day some posts on Aquaria 
Central's discussion forums, (accessible through links on the Aquabotanic 
website), and I was looking through some posts in the General Freshwater 
section of the site when I spotted a post called "best filter" on the first 
page of the section.  In it, a person who posted on the topic mentioned 
something about some new Eheim Professional II Series canister filters with a 
new priming "button" and a redesigned input/output assembly.  Has anyone 
heard of these filters before?  Do they really exist?  If so, does anyone 
know where they are available and how I can get one?  If they haven't been 
released yet to the general public, does anyone know when they are due to be 
released?  I am keenly interested in these filters as if they are indeed 
truly the latest edition of Eheim's venerable Professional series line of 
filters than I would like to get one and try one out.  Any and all 
information that you have on these filters would be greatly appreciated.  By 
the way, does any of you know Eheim's US contact phone number where I can 
reach them and call customer service to find out more about their products?  
If you have their phone number or know of any other contact information in 
the US where I could reach them I would be grateful also, as their website 
only lets you contact them by e-mail, and the last time I tried, they never 
answered my e-mail back.  If these rumors about Eheim's new line of 
Professional II series of canister filters are true and they do really exist, 
then they should cause quite a stir in the aquarist community.  Thanks for 
all of your help.