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A Quick Defense of the Reef Hobby

I know this is off topic a bit, but I think there is
value in saying it.  Someone recently said something
about not supporting the reef tank buisiness because
it is destructive to the environment.  Sometimes it
is, but not always.  Let me explain what I know from
being an avid reader of reef related material and my
many discussions with reef keepers (in preparation for
my own tank of the future).  This is NOT in any way
meant to be a personal affront to that person!    

It is easily possible to build a reef tank with very
little if any impact on natural reefs.  You can create
your own reef composed of animals captively
propogated, cultured live rock, livestock from areas
where strict collecting practices are observed (like
Hawaiian stuff), and animals certified to be collected
properly (a system like this is being implemented).

There are species not suitable for captivity or
collected in destructive methods that appear for sale.
Research and find out what they are and where what you
buy comes from.  Be very careful of stuff coming from
the Phillipines, where cyanide collection is
unfortunately common.  

Just try to be a GOOD consumer, and there should be no
problem.  Thank you.      


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