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Plants for Trade

Here is what I will be cutting down over the week-end:

I literally have a "Telenthera" forest... Very nice, should have several 
(10-20) stems for trade.
I also have some Red Ludwigia (~5-10 stems), R. Indica (~10-20), and Sunset 
Hygro (appx 5-10 stems, and shhhh.... I'm in CA)

What I am looking for:

LOTS of Glosso
Still trying to keep R. Macrandra alive. For trade, please tell me how to 
not have it melt (Flourite, 2x55PC@5K, pH 7.0, GH ~3.5, CO2 injection, TMG 
daily, 1/4 tsp of K weekly, NO3 ~ 20ppm, 78oF).

That's all right now. Reply off-line for the trade, on-line if you have 
tips for R. Macrandra.