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Re: Carbo-plus

> Please remind me when I see you in Chatanooga that there is a very nice
> bridge that I would like to sell you! :>)
> I wish that you would try the "Carbo Plus" as I have great results with
> it!  This will probably open up a "new can of worms" out of Canada, as a
> certain person there thinks it can't work.

	I presume he means me.  What I can say quite definitely is that
it doesn't work by electrolysing water, with the oxygen reacting with
the carbon.  If it did, the hydrogen evolution would be obvious and
indeed, dangerous.  The carbon would be eroded quite noticeably.

	It _may_ effect the following reaction in hard water:

	Ca++  +  2HCO3-   ->   CaCO3  +  H2O  +  CO2

	That _is_ consistent with Merrill's observations e-mailed
to me in late 1998.

>  I see it work!!

	Just _what_ do you see?

>  After two
> years, I think it is the easiest and best thing for putting carbon in
> your aquarium for the plants -- electronically! 

	Not to mention _very_ expensively.

> (And, I don't work for
> the company!!)

	Do you sell the things?

	As I said at the very beginning - Caveat emptor.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada