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Re: CustomSeaLife PCMH72 Lighting Fixture

The following companies also make electronic MH ballasts:

IceCap: http://www.icecapinc.com
[they make 175 & 250 watt MH ballasts]

Aromat: http://www.aromat.com/metalhal.htm
[they make a 70, 100 and 150 watt MH ballast]


Blueline e-ballasts [no website but info can be found at Champion]:
[they make 175, 250 and 400 watt MH Ballasts]

Also another good company that makes some excellent MH setups is PFO
lighting at:
[they are a wholesaler and they have links to some retailers that carry
there stuff]

I hope this helps.

Victor Eng					Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
engfam at axion_net