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The List Mom wrote:

> Just so you know, the APD currently has 1586 subscribers


I was in charge of some sort of mailing list once and I know what a
thankless job it can be.  Over here in Singapore, the few mailing lists
that we have that are related to aquaria are either already dead or in
the throes of death.  Flame wars, people posting ads, people quoting
unnecessary text etc, all these, besides others, were contributing
factors.  The fact that the APD has so many subscribers and yet is able
to survive so long must be in no small way due to the good work carried
out by the List Mom.

I rarely post anything to the digest but that does not mean I don't read
the messages.  I do and although half the time I don't understand what's
being discussed, I still like to be a subscriber to this list.

It's a great list.  I notice people are generally appreciative of the
help given but it's quite rare to see a post thanking the List Mom. 
Maybe that's because subscribers don't really see the work involved in
keeping a mailing list alive and successful.  Whatever, just so she
knows that some folks do appreciate her good work, I like to thank the
List Mom here.  

Many thanks to Cynthia Powers for a great mailing list.

Loh K L