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Re:Napster and Plants

>>Hey all. All this hubub about napster, and my longing for some Rotala
magenta, got me thinking about a trade forum for us plant folk. A web site
where all of us plant ppl could scroll down a list of plants and check off
the plants we have and enter the city and state we're from. People looking
for plants could search the site by plant and zip code and trade for plants
with other ppl. If one of us has nothing at all to do, each species name
could have a link to info and a picture about that plant.<<

People have been doing that on this list for a long time. I have a Trading
message board on my site. Steve Pushak keeps a list of hobby growers on his
site. Aqualink and Toms Place allow trades on their boards, as well as
Aquaria Central, (if it ever gets back on line). The resources are out
there. Trades only work if you have something worth trading!

Robert Paul H

Robert Paul H